Gallery-Get ready to change your life...



China is a land of contrasts: the ancient juxtaposed upon the modern.

When you travel in China, you sometimes think you are time-travelling.

China has no shortage of stunning scenery...

After a few hours of teaching...

Then work up an appetite by studying Kung Fu!

Grab a bite to eat with one of your new best friends...

And before you know it...

Hell, there's nothing wrong with settling in China.  Ever since the US presidential 
election Hillary Clinton has decided to make Beijing her new home.

China is a huge country, extending from the tropical south to the frigid north, from ultra-modern cities in the east to the himalayas and deserts in the west

Pudong, in Shanghai, is where the 2014 science fiction movie Her was filmed.  
It's not hard to see why they chose this location.

...and no shortage of bullet trains to get you there!

... why not study some Chinese?

Then head out for an evening stroll.

Before heading to a bar to meet even more best friends.


And even Donald Trump comes to China to get ideas.  Apparently it was the Great Wall that gave him the inspiration for building a wall along the Mexican border.