Life in China-Get ready to change your life...

Life in China

Living in China is lekker!  It is something you will never regret doing.

Everyone who has been an expat in China has countless stories about the interesting people and places they experienced.

But why China?

China has a much stronger economy and currency than South Africa.  In addition,  your taxes will be paid by the school.  There are no deductions from your salary whatsoever.
In other words: WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

On top of this, your accommodation is free.  Public transport is cheap and convenient.  Due to the low cost of living, by working only 24 hours per week you'll still be able to save much more than you could ever dream of back home.

Here are some of the prices of general products in China: 
* Big packet of potato chips - 3RMB (R7)
* 750ml beer - 4RMB (9)
* a take-away meal delivered right to your house - 15RMB (R35)
a taxi trip - 13RMB (R30)
As you can see from the prices mentioned above your total cost for eating would be about 40-45 RMB per day. This includes 3 take-away meals delivered to your house or work.

Let's break it down...
Comparison between SA and CHina for 1 month
Country China South Africa
Basic salary for ages 20-30 RMB10,000 (R22,000) R9000 (If your'e lucky)
Accomodation/ rent Free  R1,500 minimum for a bachelors flat
Utilities 200RMB (R500) R500
Food 2000RMB (R4500) +-R,3000
Transport 300RMB (R600) For public transport like the metro, taxi's (NY style) etc. +-R2,500 if you include petrol and instalments on your car
Spending money 1,000RMB (R2,200) R1,200
How much can I save? +-R14,000pm / R168,000 per year R300pm or R3,600 per year
Country  China    South Africa
Working hours per week 24 hours                                                                                35-42 hours                                                                    

Of course working in China also presents you with the opportunity to make connections with people from all over the world. Whether they come from New York, Madrid, London, Moscow or Johannesburg, you will defenitely have a few Facebook invites from new friends within a few short weeks.
And before you know it you will be having a lekker braai with your new China's from all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for? 
Come and see this amazing country. Before too long, certainly within our lifetime, China will be one of the richest and perhaps even the most powerful nation on our planet. So grab the bull by the horns my china...
Come and experience the future yourself.