Our offer-Get ready to change your life...


Our offer

Here are some of the benefits of teaching at our schools:

1. RMB10,000 (R20,000+) per month

2. Only 24 teaching hours per week

3. Rent free housing in a shared furnished apartment

4. Overtime pay for teaching more than 24 hours a week

5. RMB5,000 (R10,000+) flight reimbursement or bonus after completing the

6. Minimal lesson preparation ( Lesson plans, text books, flashcards and DVD's are provided)

7. Plenty of free time ( You don't need to be at the school when you are not teaching)

8. Airport pick-up

9. Paid 10-day training course in Shanghai

10. Small class sizes (Less than 15 children per class)

11. A working visa

12. One week paid vacation and paid public holidays.